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I’m Alfonso Anton Cornelis, a Spanish-French fashion photographer, born in Barcelona and currently living in Paris.


Even coming from a fashion industry family, I decided to start my professional career as an international lawyer, working for prestigious law firms both in Spain and Hong Kong.


Almost a decade later and after my move to Hong Kong, the experiences lived in Asia motivated me to do the transition to my passion as fashion photographer in late 2017.


I could say that the style transmitted by the magazines of the eighties that I explored at my parents’ atelier, entered my subconscious with the intention of begetting, and flourishes now recreating itself through my photography.


My fashion stories, in which I try to capture a sophisticated European taste in fusion with the inspiration of Asian energy, have been exhibited in international publications such as Harper's Bazaar, L’Officiel, Style, Numero, Tatler, South China Morning Post, DRY Magazine and different online platforms.

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